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Divorce mediation is a way for you to resolve your divorce and keep full control of the outcome. The only people making decisions are you and your spouse, unlike litigation where final decisions are made by a judge. During mediation, spouses typically sit down for several 1-3 hour meetings, and work together on issues like parenting, finances and property distribution. As a mediator, I'm here to help facilitate that discussion, assisting with communication, providing guidance, and offering suggestions and compromises. Using specialized training and years of experience to help you resolve your differences. We will work to create a Memorandum of Understanding, an agreement that’s fair to both you and your spouse, and, if you have children, in their best interests as well.


Divorce Mediation, Divorce Coaching, Parenting Agreements and Child Custody, Child Support and Maintenance, Division of Marital Property, Post Decree Agreements.

The Divorce Mediation process is when a specially trained mediator helps you and your spouse reach an agreement where all issues related to your separation and divorce is identified and resolved.


We will help you and your partner identify all issues regarding 
your separation and divorce.

How Does the Process Work?

The actual mediation process involves following a step-by-step outline in a balanced and non confrontational way. Generally, you’ll start with the smaller issues and work your way up to the tougher ones so that you can build some momentum and trust.

What is the Mediator’s Role?

As mediators, we remain neutral and impartial, facilitating a free and open exchange of information between both parties. We can’t give specific advice to either spouse and we also can’t act as your lawyer. What we can do is use the open mediation session to point out things both spouses need to keep in mind about their final goals. Because you’re both working from the same base of information, you can negotiate with confidence and usually arrive at an equitable resolution much more quickly.

Why is Mediation Generally Less Expensive than Litigation?

Mediation is more affordable because it’s faster and more direct. Most people come to mediation willing to work on their issues and learn how to communicate better. That willingness translates into a less expensive divorce because resolving a case is almost always cheaper than taking it to trial. Rather than speaking through lawyers, you speak with each other with our help about your goals and issues. Even if lawyers are involved in your mediation, and we do recommend that you have legal counsel, they aren’t spending hours in court waiting for the judge or billing you for endless phone calls about the smallest details of your case.

Why Should I Choose Mediation?

Comparing couples who have mediated their divorce with couples who have gone through a traditionally litigated divorce, research has shown mediating couples are:

-- Committed to working together for the benefit of their children.

-- More likely to be satisfied with the process and results.

-- More likely to take less time and spend less money.

-- Less likely to go back to court to fight about something else

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